Our students

learn, think and innovate!

A holistic foundation

students’ rights.

Preparing our students for

a successful future

We are greatly inspired by UNESCO’s Delors Report, which mentions four fundamental pillars:


At CWS, students are not taught to clear their examinations. Instead, we ignite their curiosity so that they learn beyond books and articles. Our well-equipped laboratories and experience centres constantly promote practical experience with bookish knowledge, so that our students are prepared both ways.


Children learn by doing, which is why we let them explore their interests. Though they are diversely gifted, we never confine their vibrant personalities into boxes. Instead, we let them soar.


India is a multicultural country and we must learn to coexist, which is why we work upon the values of diversity, tolerance and celebration in our school. We have mentors for children who have special requirements, should they desire to avail them. Compassion remains a rare value in today’s world, which is why our community outreach programme allows students from primary school to high school to regularly participate in service initiatives.


Every child must be allowed to grow, and this is a policy that we strictly believe in. They have their personalities, dreams and abilities, which must be empowered at all levels. Only when they have a strong foundation, do they fly high. Our educational programmes further foster an entrepreneurial mindset in a child’s mind, where they engage with the outside world, channelise their energy to develop creative solutions, efficiently manage their schedule and seek knowledge to improve the world.