Our Child Centric Vision

Every school aims to mould children who become physically, mentally, emotionally and socially healthy beings. As soon as they walk out from the school doors, they represent our vision, our core values and educational ability. At CWS, we create academically competent individuals who learn through experience. We prepare them with an explorative, analytical and applicative capability that builds a skillset, eventually building their careers.

In the past, children were merely expected to perform well, academically. Today, that is simply not enough. Our children pride themselves on their developed emotional, health and social quotient—all of which have been thoroughly nurtured by our mentor initiatives. Our sessions include cultural competence, self-expression, self-belief and learning—qualities that prepare students for their careers.

Philosophy We follow

At CWS, we believe in innovative learning for an evolving world. We have brought together all the ideals of holistic education and incorporated them into our schooling system. Our philosophy is a blend of traditional wisdom and state-of-the-art technology, combined to prepare your child for a successful future.

Core Values

Our students learn, think and innovate!
A holistic foundation, our students’ rights!
Preparing our students for a life of success!