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Mrs Farzana Dohadwala​

Executive Chairperson

Dear Parents,

The website you are visiting is a reflection of Crimson philosophy, vision, and aspiration for each child. Ensuring complete fulfilment of the aspirations of all stakeholders is the objective of our schools. A holistic development encompassing cognitive and character development is the overarching purpose of education. School campuses with modern infrastructure, intellectual capital, social and emotional wellbeing, and community connect can shape a generation for the present and the future. Believing in the ability of the students and teachers is another asset that we wish to invest in. Our schools pursue education for sustainable development. Playing a role in community, climate action, inclusive practices, and collaborative living and working are the values that we wish students to cultivate early on. Being a part of a large family of schools brings new learning, and experience. Crimson schools offer that opportunity. I sincerely wish our students receive the best environment to be future ready citizens of the world.

Best regards,

Governing Board.



Crimson World School, Rudrapur is committed to Excellence. We ensure a Joyful environment for both teaching and learning in the classroom. It’s a teacher managed school, where the Whole school improvement plan is framed by teachers and being achieved by setting up short and long-term goals. Beyond imparting subjective knowledge, our school emphasises on Skill development that makes the child competent enough to withstand and succeed in the world of competitions.

In this modern era of technology, knowledge is just a click away. Hence, Technology based teaching and Blended learning has become the culture of our school system. We frequently organise Expert classes to ensure that our students get the best of the resources for their learning by expert teachers from our various branches of CWS. We focus on a classroom environment which is collaborative, and inculcates creative and critical thinking in it. Our students are not just listeners of the teaching- learning process, rather they are the participants of the entire process by involving, exploring, interpreting and arriving to the concepts by actively communicating with their views.

Culmination Activity takes place after every two months as a reflection of how students get involved in the entire learning processes. When we put students at the heart of everything, everyone enjoys learning as a part of daily routine.

The school has come with LSP (Learning Support Programme) in which, for the students who are having learning issues like retention, reading Speaking, writing and Numerical skills; shall get time with specific teachers in order to improve their levels of learning on allotted periods.

In order to mould the students behaviour and habits, CWS has introduced Grooming Curriculum and also planning to incorporate Pastoral Care Programme from grade 7th to 12th . This is basically to ensure physical and emotional wellbeing of the students. Since some students have been addicted to Video games, it is important to have such programmes at schools in order to bring even cyber security under school’s curriculum. For different grades, we will be having certain sessions and programmes like Relationships in adolescence stage, Life Skills, time management, risk taking behaviour, resilience etc.

Now, CWS has been authorised as one of the centres for Cambridge English where our teachers, under the mentoring and the training of authorised team of Cambridge English will teach certified courses. The Cambridge English Qualification is an excellent way of laying down a strong foundation for developing advanced English Communication skills among the students.

we assure that your ward would get the best possible education at CWS. As Mentioned above, we really keep students at the heart of everything we do and your journey with us will be enjoyable and rewarding as well.

Hope, the details of this website will guide you to a better understanding of what we stand for and how we fulfil your expectations in terms of strengthening the future of your wards.