Secondary School
(Grades 9 to 12)

At an advanced stage of the student’s educational journey, we offer multiple subject and skill development choices that align with their interests/career aspirations.

The Secondary School academic program at CWS helps in developing key 21st century skills in students that are needed for them to remain competitive and relevant in an ever-changing world.

Students are encouraged and motivated to opt for courses/subjects in which they can succeed academically. Our secondary teachers facilitate students to master content, through a variety of relevant engaging learning activities/tasks aided through different ed-tech tools.

Across the school, our teachers focus on the CBSE Student profiles which moulds students into responsible, mindful, thoughtful citizens by imbibing values and skills that are needed for the shared guardianship of our planet

With a strong academic foundation, the guidance of our career counselling team (that begins from Grade 9) and a plethora of sports /activities/clubs, CWS students develop holistically, which provides them with a distinct edge in the university admission process (post Class 12).


Physical, intellectual and social development of students

Upholding constitutional values through value-based learning activities

Nurturing life skills

Promoting the arts

Developing 21st-century skills through a specially-developed course

Providing career counselling programmes for students to pursue their undergraduate degrees

Leveraging technology to design assessments that are based on real-world contexts

Developing social graces, digital etiquette and grooming

Promoting goal setting and lifelong learning

Participating in community service initiatives